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The Earth's cavity signals (Schumann Resonance) plotted in real time. 

--New Q Burst digital receiver--


  This unit commands sampling beams for the earths cavity events.  Working as a team two units can cross their beams to triangulate Q burst events anywhere on Earth's surface.  Plotting these events on world wide maps show the exact location of the Lightning Strikes or other cavity discharge events.  If a signal shows up as a cavity ringing event below 60 Hz this receive system can detect and plot its position on earth.  Receivers commanding two virtual radar stations are placed for best triangulation of a target area.  The beams are then adjusted to cross that area.  Coinciding samples are analyzed and plotted where the event occurred on a map.  A companion map program can produce a custom map of any where on the earths surface.


This system is the result of 6 years of research and development.  The discovery that the   worlds power grids can be used as a probe into the earths Schumann cavity was a major break through in hardware simplification. Totally eliminating the need for large expensive magnetic antennas and  preamps. Collecting and processing cavity signals is now possible with new advances in imbedded CPU's.  This system uses all these advances to produce an amazing tool for researching Q burst and other cavity events around the world. 


Each station uses a small 8" screen Windows 10 computer.  The command software is operated remotely or local.  Earths cavity sensing is accomplished by a dedicated CPU commanded by the SDR software.  Received cavity signals are  processed and presented to the plotter program for mapping.

Receiver showing beam reception controls.



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