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This site sponsors the daunting task of actually plotting  in real time where  the Schumann Cavity lightning events occur.  There

are few Q burst per other lightning events.  Most of the cavity events plotted will not qualify as Q burst but are much stronger than normal

                  lightning.  Many thanks to all who have helped in development by using their stations to operate and test things never tried before.

               Gerry Gore, WB5TXA

Current Schumann Cavity plotted strikes

A black map is used during strike counting.

Counted strike intensity over selected area.



The project below was done to prove ,/document and use the power grid as a source of Schumann signals.

Lightning Radar has been using this mode for some time. The other project on these pages.

Power Grid Receiver for Schumann 7.8 Hz signals. Worlds lighting following the sun shown on the plot.


A raw I.F. spectrum of Schumann 7.8 Hz waves on the power grid of the USA.






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