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All the links and pictures below concerns a new experimental method of monster lightning detection and plotting in real time.

(Since it has never been done before most things are a development effort.)

  Q Burst Lightning Radar development effort introduction.

  In a nutshell this system only detects monster lightning, not normal average lightning. So out of a storm there may be a hundred normal lightning strikes, but only a few of the barn burner Q burst strikes.  These can be culled out only because they show up on 7.8 Hz and rise above normal lightning's background noise.  This is the Schumann Resonance Earth cavity frequency.  Research so far has shown some amazing characteristics of these Q burst strikes.  They are associated with Sprites and other TLE events under study by many groups around the world.  This system being built is the only one so far capable of plotting on a world map where exactly these strikes are landing in real time.  Most methods used so far only locate strikes to general areas such as Africa or South America.  Although with great effort on collaborating and time stamping signals, some researchers have done individual locations with good accuracy one at a time.. 

  Stay away from beaches during storms!  This system shows Q burst sewing / stitching  up beaches world wide!  The outlining of countries by the strikes on beaches is how we know the system is working properly.  It tends to do the same with other inland beaches on large lakes.  The accuracy of the system can thus be seen very easily with this beach walking strike pattern.

  Because it operates on 7.8 Hz, Q burst propagate much like having a wall plug to plug into any where in the world.  From Texas it is very easy to see storms in Asia / China / or virtually anywhere on earth.  That is from one antenna location using one sensor.  There are system limitations that have to be worked around and lived with in some cases.  For instance, in a triangulation system a triangle that gets near being flat can not work anymore and can produce noise around the station location. It also makes an empty hallway between the two points of the triangle that are the fixed points.  Lightning is pulses of noise, so picking a weak noise out of a world full of noise, is a tall order to pull off.  Then plotting the pulse on the whole world globe takes some doing.

  This system uses two software creations that are very advanced.  It couldn't be done without them.  Fortunately there are a few great people in the world who do things that are extraordinary then give it to the world for all to benefit from.  Unlike some egotistical PHD's of the world, who hide their (Paid for by others.) research papers behind doors and want $35 to even read them, these individuals walk quietly along doing extraordinary things that they give to the world for free.  We are standing on the shoulders of  such people in this project.  There are many others but for this project these are the "Golden Hero" winners. The second and only other (at the moment) Schumann Radar station is in Sweden, again run by Sven Nordin SM5LE at his own expense doing research. Other advisors and supporters include Renato Romero of Italy.  Who runs the "for the sake of science only", "Radio waves below 22 kHz" site. These people and others like them (Most are Hams!) are the ones that make a real difference that you can point to. A hardy thank you to all of them!


Wolfgang "Wolf" Büscher ( DL4YHF ) for "Spectrum Lab"

Frank Kooiman  (deceased) of the Netherlands, for "Lightning Radar"

Prof. Egon Wanke (German TOA Lightning detection system)

SPSM mode remote controlled stations are a huge help! (K7PW-Pat, Paul Palm Beach Gardens FL.)

Others are coming onboard, just for the interest in the science and learning experience of it.

I hope you find something of interest as you wander about the pages.  Some pages are reserved for testing.

Gerry Gore, WB5TXA,  San Antonio Texas, USA

NOTE: This site should not be used as a source of data for lightning safety matters, or any commercial uses.  This is strictly a hobby research and learning site.





RADAR-Earth Globe Live


Photo credit: NOAA  Satellite credit: USA Tax payers

Q-Burst Lightning Radar

These Sprites are a by product of the largest of the Q-burst lightning's.

For full size photos click on the pictures

The first truly operational 2 station Lightning radar using Q-Burst on the Earths Cavity frequency of 7.8 Hz.

(Station locations are San Antonio Texas and South of Stockholm Sweden)


Real time with 10 minute updates

All Q-burst results page.   >>>


It is natural to try and equate these as the same.  They really are three different things!


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-Important milestones as they happen-

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A new mode is developed for Schumann Q-burst Radar.  >>>

A new test reveals 1 DF Schumann cavity antenna is all you need for world wide reception of Q-burst!  >>>

A research effort in Japan for Schumann / Earthquakes is the first user of the SATX sourced products.  >>>

A new study for using the nations power grid as an antenna for Schumann signals.   >>>


Photo credit "U.S. Department of Energy"


Non Schumann TOA Systems

 USA TOA (Non Commercial) HOBBY LIGHTNING NETWORK. These pages are in support of the USA TOA system.

(For non commercial personal weather stations and research.) network  now in the USA.  (This is where you get your station hardware to join this normal TOA type network!)



Curb radar for  Dodge Challenger and other curb smashing car owners.  >>>

The Challenger has five inches ground clearance. Lower than most curbs! Big repair bills!


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