LINKS For LR Stations  

San Antonio, Texas


LR System DIY Projects


  Storm Injector Project  for testing antennas        

  Dual LR Antenna Modification to preamps. 

  LR Snaps movie making, Archiving, FTP program. 

  SiteMate LR viewer.  All your sites and pictures on one panel.


  Setting your antenna angle tools. Declination angle for your station.



  LR loop connections based on Daniels (ON4LDZ) 

         Original and on going Drawings Standard.  

Home of LR (Lightning Radar)

ON4LDZ Belgium




This is a selection of handy Test Equipment software tools for LR system use.

Now includes a Dynamic Priority program where you can give the needed priority to any program or process.  This will also automatically stop any program that is trying to stall the PC.  It will then resume at the normal priority it was assigned.  Never worry about which program has priority again.  It also gives the screen and mouse priority so its not frozen during an over load condition.  


   Tool box for LR  

Lightning Activity

By permission of  Environment Canada

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