Schumann Cavity Signal Capture

The Earth's cavity signals (Schumann Resonance) using the power grid as a probe into the Earths Cavity.

(Updated every 10 Minutes. when operational. 3 days/plot)

Note: This is a development system in progress. Contact us if you have questions.



The worlds lightning coming and going daily produces varying Schumann intensities such as these many years worth averaged and plotted.

Schumann background signals E/W - N/S    Time UTC

Note: This chart was made using directional magnetic type antennas that have a figure 8 pattern.  This system has an omni directional 360 degree beam so far as is known.

Therefore don't take these curves to be an exact thing to compare the system against.  That is really unknown right now.  In general

it gives the heating times of the sun passing over the three chimneys .  The storm density and season plays a part also.

Research on this still needs to be done.  So far as is known this is the first system to use the power grid to accomplish this.

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